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Sleep Appliance for Sleep Apnea

Is Your Sleep and Health Affected by Sleep Apnea?

James S. didn’t believe he had a sleep condition. It had not been until he felt himself nodding off at a red light while driving in broad daytime that he knew something was wrong. Almost falling asleep at the wheel that day, understanding his better half and 1-year old child were trusting him, had sufficiently frightened him. He made a visit for an official sleep research study. As occurs with a lot of clients when they are initially recognized to have sleep apnea, the results of James’s sleep research study painted a clearer photo. Despite going through an agonizing surgical treatment to remove his tonsils, his uvula and trim the soft taste buds at the back of his throat, he didn’t improve much based on his next sleep study.

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Dental Makeover – You Too Can Have A Nice Smile

Looking To Get a Dental Makeover?

When you’re reading a review or sitting in front of the television you see someone with perfectly white teeth? You are imagining why you can’t have a smile resembling them? You need a dental makeover! Pretty much pain-free these days.

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Anxiety of Getting Work Done on Your Mouth? Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Can Create a Pain Free and No Anxiety Way of Get Work Done on Your Mouth.

The day is ultimately here, and you have been looking forward to this day and dreading at the same time. Your pulse starts to race; your head starts to feel faint and spins. You start to think I can’t do this and your subconscious, says you can do it. Now take a deep breath in and out; in and out. Eventually, you gather up the courage to leave your home. You’re partially down the street when you recognize you’ve forgotten your pocketbook. You spin your vehicle around and head back home. Checking the clock, you decide you’ll never make it in time. So you call Troy Family Dental and let us know you can’t make it. Slumping into a chair, you hold an overriding sense of relief because you don’t have to see the dentist. Then all of a sudden, the piercing pain in your tooth and jaw suggest to you why you should have made the appointment in the first place, so you ask to reschedule.

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Invisalign Can Provide Great Straightening Results

Invisalign Can Straighten Your Teeth!

If you have a smile that could use professional straightening treatment, you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous clients scattered throughout the St. Louis area location that have smiles that they wish might look better. Unfortunately, we’re not all born with ideal teeth, and things occur throughout the course of our lives that dictate how our teeth look in the future. When it comes to misaligned teeth, there are numerous reasons they got that way in the first place. We do not worry about how they got that way; we only consider how to deal with the problem.

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Mini Dental Implants the Dream Teeth

To some level, mini dental implants are the dream teeth, because they do not get cavities. Mini Dental implants are a form of dental implants. Regular home care and professional upkeep are still essential. Dental implants are tooth replacements, where a titanium root is positioned in the jawbone, and a crown is protected above the root through a connection called an abutment. The titanium root surface area is modified to incorporate straight with bone. The crown is made from porcelain similar to those made for natural teeth.

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