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Kent Ehrhardt Talks Dentures, Bridges with Mini Dental Implants

Kent Ehrhardt: Well, if you have missing teeth or you’re using dentures, or maybe you have a loose tooth or whatever you need to replace, mini dental implants. Remember that word, mini, are a great option to get your smile back to looking great. Dr. Richard Boatman and Dr. Jordan Spencer from Troy Family Dental are both here to explain the benefits of mini dental implants, and we welcome you both back to Great Day St. Louis.

Richard Boatman: Great to be back, thank you.

Kent Ehrhardt: This has been a very successful program, this partnership with you and Great Day St. Louis.

Richard Boatman: Yes.

Kent Ehrhardt: Because these people have, perhaps a lot of them, for some time, have had issues that early on they looked at and priced, and it was out of reach, or they were concerned about the pain or the invasiveness. All a thing of the past, now.

Richard Boatman: All in the past, absolutely right.

Kent Ehrhardt: That’s because of mini dental implants. Explain what they are.

Richard Boatman: Mini dental implants are very, much smaller implants, so they’re much less invasive, they’re much cheaper to do, and they take a fraction of the time to heal.

Kent Ehrhardt: And if it takes a fraction of the time, then it’s going to be a fraction of the cost.

Richard Boatman: Absolutely.

Kent Ehrhardt: Because your time is money.

Richard Boatman: It is, yes.

Kent Ehrhardt: And that’s going to cut that back, and then the equipment is probably a little bit more effective, excuse me, in that regard too.

Richard Boatman: Yes.

Kent Ehrhardt: So who’s a candidate for this?

Richard Boatman: Well just about anybody. Actually, denture wearers, I’ll have Dr. Spencer go into the denture.

Kent Ehrhardt: OK.

Jordan Spencer: Yeah, pretty much people who have lower dentures have a hard time wearing dentures because the denture moves around a lot, so we can place these mini implants on the bottom there and just snap the denture right in, and then it doesn’t move around. On the top we can also, if we place mini implants on the top, then we can cut the palate of the denture out, so then you can actually taste your food again.

Kent Ehrhardt: Because we’ve seen where people have to soak their dentures overnight and all these different things, that they do take up that upper palate and that has an impact on your ability to taste food.

Richard Boatman: Taste, absolutely.

Kent Ehrhardt: It’s also a place where things can collect and get bad.

Richard Boatman: And people that gag a lot, also.

Kent Ehrhardt: And get discomfort, if not gagging. But we’ve talked about, even just one tooth, this can work, right?

Richard Boatman: One single tooth.

Kent Ehrhardt: Now this particular set has one missing tooth in the front there.

Richard Boatman: You can replace one individual tooth. It could be a front tooth, there are patients that have two or three back teeth that are missing. We can do that very comfortably and very quickly in about one month’s time.

Kent Ehrhardt: Now I can tell you from personal experience, in the old days when you had a missing tooth, what they would do is they would drill the next tooth over down to a little nub that’s much like an implant.

Richard Boatman: Absolutely.

Kent Ehrhardt: Then glue a bridge with a fake tooth on top of that.

Richard Boatman: Right

Kent Ehrhardt: Then connect it to the tooth that you’re missing, and that’s what I have.

Richard Boatman: Right.

Kent Ehrhardt: But now, you can just replace that one tooth. That’s what I like about it, and it’s … is it permanent or-

Richard Boatman: It’s very permanent. We cement that in place permanently. It does not come out, it’s just like your natural teeth.

Kent Ehrhardt: So this is not an issue that, “Well wait until you’re older because these only have so much of a lifetime.” This is kind of a-

Richard Boatman: Oh no, this can last a lifetime.

Kent Ehrhardt: That’s awesome.

Richard Boatman: Absolutely.

Kent Ehrhardt: So dentures, missing teeth, ugly teeth.

Richard Boatman: All of the above.

Kent Ehrhardt: Can fix them, all right. Well Troy Family Dental is offering a free initial consultation if you call today. You will get to meet one-on-one with either one of these two characters. They’re pretty smart guys, and they’ll save you some money and they’ll have you looking good real quick. They are right off of I-55, just 20 minutes from any bridge except, we have determined, the London Bridge. You can’t get there in 20 minutes from the London Bridge.

Richard Boatman: Little bit longer.

Kent Ehrhardt: We have determined that. All right, all you have to do is call them at 618-667-8020, or go to A friendly bunch over there and you know what? It just keeps working for people. That’s the key in a situation like this, and that’s why we like to have clients like this back, because it’s successful.

Richard Boatman: It is, very.

Speaker 4: You got it.

Kent Ehrhardt: Thanks, guys.

Speaker 5: It’s always nice to see them in the studio, true.

Speaker 4: It’s true.

Speaker 5: Their smiles are just gorgeous.

Speaker 4:  Are you always here on Fridays, because I feel like we [crosstalk 00:03:46].

Richard Boatman: We love Fridays.

Speaker 4: See, there it is.

Speaker 5: We love Fridays too.

Kent Ehrhardt: They’re encouraging us, by the way, to eat more cookies.

Speaker 4: I bet they are. Way ahead of you. [crosstalk 00:03:56]

Kent Ehrhardt: He’s saying brush, but that’s when you can tell a good dentist. Eat all the cookies you want, just brush afterward.

Speaker 5: Yeah.