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Anxiety of Getting Work Done on Your Mouth? Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Can Create a Pain Free and No Anxiety Way of Get Work Done on Your Mouth.

The day is ultimately here, and you have been looking forward to this day and dreading at the same time. Your pulse starts to race; your head starts to feel faint and spins. You start to think I can’t do this and your subconscious, says you can do it. Now take a deep breath in and out; in and out. Eventually, you gather up the courage to leave your home. You’re partially down the street when you recognize you’ve forgotten your pocketbook. You spin your vehicle around and head back home. Checking the clock, you decide you’ll never make it in time. So you call Troy Family Dental and let us know you can’t make it. Slumping into a chair, you hold an overriding sense of relief because you don’t have to see the dentist. Then all of a sudden, the piercing pain in your tooth and jaw suggest to you why you should have made the appointment in the first place, so you ask to reschedule.

You may be an example of the almost 40 million men, women or children in the US who experience dental anxiety or phobia. At Troy Family Dental, we understand how you feel, and attempt to put all patients at ease. Our dentist’s office provides a calming environment, and our courteous staff is always prepared to accommodate your concerns. If you still cringe about coming to see us, we can give you sedation dentistry. This opportunity allows you to relax while getting the dental care that you need. Call our Troy, IL office to schedule an appointment.

Sedation Dentistry from Troy Family Dental

Thousands of people each year come in and say that they didn’t visit a dentist for their two annual check-ups since they were afraid. More clients report avoiding appointments due to anxiety than the amount who said they did not visit the dentist because they were uninsured. For the majority, patients don’t recognize that there’s a way to treat their dental care needs without undesired stress and anxiety. Thanks to Troy Family Dental and sedation dentistry, even the most nervous patients can get the needed dental care. In addition to potential patients experiencing dental phobia, clients who may benefit from sedation dentistry are:

  • Those that may produce additional stress during a dental procedure.
  • Those who require multiple or extensive treatments.
  • Those who possess sensitive teeth, gums, or heightened gag reflex.
  • Those who have bodily pain because of extended periods in the dental chair.

Sedation dentistry has been practiced for years to calm the patient’s nerves, decrease pain, and enable dentists to complete complex dental procedures while patients rest comfortably. At Troy Family Dental, Dr. Richard Boatman and Dr. Jordan Spencer’s team can provide two kinds of sedation dentistry to satisfy the demands of our patients.

Oral Conscious Sedation – This session is typically applied to the use of medicinal sedatives to relax people during treatment. Oral Sedation is very effective for patients with severe dental anxiety. You will want to have a friend or family member bring you to the office and pick you up from the office as the effects of sedatives are can be long-lasting, and patients shouldn’t drive until the medication is out of their system. Throughout your procedure, Dr. Richard Boatman and Dr. Jordan Spencer’s team will change your level of sedation as needed utilizing nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This enables us to modify the level of sedation based on personal response to sedatives. For many people, the effects of the sedative fade after a few hours, but patients should prepare to continue regular activities the day after any dental procedure.

Intravenous Sedation – Intravenous (IV) sedation is a different form of conscious sedation, but it presents patients with an increased level of relaxation. Clients who get IV sedation will be given a sedative during their procedure. Similar to nitrous oxide sedation, the level of sedation can be altered during the procedure to meet your personal relaxation needs. After the IV sedation treatment, you will need a friend or family member to pick you up at the office as the effects of the sedative will not wear off for numerous hours. Patients should prepare to continue normal activities the day after treatment.

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