Why Troy Family Dental?

Why Choose Troy Family Dental

Dental Experience

Troy Family Dental doesn’t determine a solution for you based on what it costs, but by what will achieve the best results in the most simplistic manner. We assure that you will never be recommended a procedure or end up paying for something that you don’t need.

Immediate Turn-Around

Troy Family Dental values your time and has invested in technologies that enable us to perform many dental procedures that would normally take reoccurring visits. Our procedures can be done all at one time, with much less time needed for healing, ensuring that you are back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

Troy Family Dental is there when you need us!

We know that life’s demands can make seeing a dentist throughout normal business hours challenging, or even unlikely for some of our customers. We can work with you to meet you early in the morning, or after regular business hours. We also schedule all emergency situations as quickly as possible.

Dentists that Care

Each one of Troy Family Dental Dentists aims to provide perfect results at all times because we care. We believe in building a personal relationship, and intend always to do right by our clients. Each one of us got into this business because we care about people, that’s why our biggest strength is that we provide excellent dentistry with a heart.

Total Transparency

We pride ourselves in being entirely transparent with our customers. We will educate you on what your choices are, what your best alternative is, why you should do it, and what is required.

Advanced Technology

Troy Family Dental only invests in the best technologies so that we can accommodate you with the most effective, comfortable, and accommodating service possible. When you come in for an exam or cleaning, we are able to do an advanced diagnosis, detecting any possible problems much earlier than other St. Louis area dentists. This process enables us to save you time and money that would result from traditional detection methods.