Emergency Care

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If you have a dental emergency, it’s beneficial to see or contact a dentist. In a situation, where this is not possible, here are some tips for managing the most common dental problems.

Lost Crown or Temporary Crown

Get the crown re-cemented as soon as you can, a crown can be out for a short time without creating any major problems. Try not to leave it out for longer than a few days or it can make re-cementing very challenging.

Keep the space clean. Lightly brush and rinse with warm salt water (to make salt water wash: mix one teaspoon table salt; with one cup of warm water).

Is the tooth sensitive or painful? Denture cream or toothpaste can be put inside the crown, and it can be lightly put back into place to help alleviate the tooth.


Wash your mouth with luke-warm salt water. Salt water helps to clean and soothe the affected area (to make salt water wash: mix one teaspoon table salt; with 1 cup of warm water)

If you can, take over-the-counter pain medicines. OTC medicines can be quite effective. Anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, or Aleve work the best for dental pain. Use as instructed on the package.

Orajel for a Severe Toothache

Topical anesthetic gels, before-mentioned as Orajel, can further ease the discomfort, but normally for only a short time.

Avoid all situations that worsen your condition. Avoid hot, cold, or sweet foods. If the pain goes away, make an appointment to see a dentist. Without proper dental care, your condition will most likely worsen.

Lost Filling

Get some temporary filling substance. Most pharmacies carry temporary filling substances that can be placed over painful areas until you see your dentist. Sugar-free gum can also be used to cover the space as a last resort. (These products will block out food particles and air from disturbing the tooth until you consult your dentist.)

Knockout Tooth

A knocked-out tooth in many circumstances can still be conserved (re-implanted) if you act swiftly and get to your local dentist’s office. Time is your enemy in this circumstance. Immediately locate the tooth or teeth. Very lightly remove any visible dirt or debris. Avoid affecting the root as much as possible. Transport the tooth in milk or some of the person’s saliva. Make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. If it’s after hours, call Arch View Family Dental 618-656-2006!

Your nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room should be able to help as well if you cannot get to Dr. Boatman or Dr. Spencer.

TMJ (Jaw Joint) Pain

Use a Cold compress for TMJ relief

Ice the hurt jaw joint or muscles. At the start of the severe joint pain use an ice pack, 20 minutes on – 20 minutes off, to decrease inflammation and help minimize discomfort.

After 24 hours use moist heat. Use warm, moist heat on the affected region after applying the ice for the initial 24 hours. The heat will help spur blood flow and promote healing.

Limit chewing and eating. Eat soft, nutritious meals like mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, etc. Limit the size you eat as much as possible. Avoid gum, hard foods, and chewy foods.

Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Ibuprofen, Motrin, or Aleve work the best. We suggest a consistent dose schedule taken for 1-2 weeks, but you should discuss it with your physician or dentist first before doing this.

See your dentist. Have your condition assessed!