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Dental Makeover – You Too Can Have A Nice Smile

Looking To Get a Dental Makeover?

When you’re reading a review or sitting in front of the television you see someone with perfectly white teeth? You are imagining why you can’t have a smile resembling them? You need a dental makeover! Pretty much pain-free these days.

Your teeth and facial appearance is one of the initial things people see regarding your appearance and first impressions. Not one self-respecting Hollywood figure would be noticed without an excellent set of teeth, and advancements in dental technology suggest there is now no reason yours shouldn’t impress too. The days of severe pain and fear of the dentist is gone. Troy Family Dental offers sedation dentistry and other techniques to make sure you are comfortable with getting work done on your mouth and teeth.

There’s a daunting display of substitutes on the market from a dental implant (the best option out there for the buck is mini dental implants which Troy Family Dental offers) to braces and Invisalign, and bleaching and whitening. Knowing how to care for your teeth isn’t always clear. Contradictory advice can be confused and lead to expensive and unpleasant mistakes.

Your teeth and your smile is one of the primary things people see concerning your appearance and initial impressions. Call Troy Family Dental Today! 618-667-8020.

SUGAR IS THE ENEMY- Something to Keep In Mind This Holiday Season

Inadequate dental hygiene starts plaque building up on the teeth and developing into a crumbly substance described as tartar; that pushes down beneath the gum-line. This type of environment presents an excellent breeding area for bacteria, which flourish, and can cause disease.

Early on in the process, this contamination is called gingivitis. Gums grow red and swollen due to infection, which is the body’s normal response to the appearance of harmful bacteria.

Periodontitis the serious form of gum disease and the principal cause of tooth destruction. In the past, that involved surgery, but in the past few of years, laser therapy has enhanced treatment for gum disease.

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