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Sleep Appliance for Sleep Apnea

Is Your Sleep and Health Affected by Sleep Apnea?

James S. didn’t believe he had a sleep condition. It had not been until he felt himself nodding off at a red light while driving in broad daytime that he knew something was wrong. Almost falling asleep at the wheel that day, understanding his better half and 1-year old child were trusting him, had sufficiently frightened him. He made a visit for an official sleep research study. As occurs with a lot of clients when they are initially recognized to have sleep apnea, the results of James’s sleep research study painted a clearer photo. Despite going through an agonizing surgical treatment to remove his tonsils, his uvula and trim the soft taste buds at the back of his throat, he didn’t improve much based on his next sleep study.

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His luck would soon change. James soon found out that a small gadget, comparable to a retainer, might assist in opening his respiratory tract at night. He states this oral appliance, thoroughly made to his mouth, worked almost right away. The sleep appliance is relatively basic, however, genius at the same time, he said. Unlike the CPAP, which is a big, large device that requires electrical power or battery back-up in the event of a storm like we just had, the gadget is small enough to suit my shirt pocket if I travel for a trip or work. It’s simple.

James has now utilized the appliance for more than ten years and states it has healed him. With time, the dental appliance needed to be resized when the ligaments and tendons extended in his jaw. He still sees his dentist regularly to make sure the device is still working as it ought to and says he feels fortunate to have found a dental sleep appliance.

He now has his normal life and well-being back.

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