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Resolution for 2016: A New Appearance and New Smile

Heres To a New Smile in 2016!

The beginning of 2016 and the new year signals a change for many people who are set on starting their 2016 resolutions and putting them to work in the new year. Most people’s resolutions are all about changing oneself, so you might join a gym for the first time or start a new diet to lose the weight that you have wanted to lose for years. Resolutions like these are frequently hard to stick with, and the disappointment when you do not stick with these lifestyle changes can be disheartening and demoralizing. In 2016, we have a great solution to help with your overall appearance, and it does not take a whole lot of effort or a long time for results. Opt for a resolution that will cause a difference instantly and for several years down the road, a smile makeover. Call 618-667-8020 right now to schedule a free consultation.

It doesn’t demand a lot of time or resources to enhance your smile. One trivial cosmetic dentistry approach can make all the difference in changing your attitude and appearance, so you look happier, younger, healthier, and more confident. Here are four sure-fire EASY ways to enhance your smile in the 2016 new year:

Preventive Dental Care

You may brush and floss regularly, but oral health is about more than just simply brushing at home. Invest in your well-being by calling to schedule a professional dental checkup and cleanings two times a year. If you desire to have an outstanding year and a healthy tomorrow, you should allow Troy Family Dental to keep an eye on your teeth and mouth to assure that no trace of gum disease or different oral health issues has a chance to take root.

Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth are the most common smile criticisms. When no amount of brushing or do-it-yourself whitening treatments is causing a dent in the yellow or brown discoloration on your teeth, turning to Troy Family Dental to get a professional teeth whitening procedure. The whitening of your teeth can last for many years and allow you to smile confidently. Get your teeth shades brighter in just an hour? That’s a resolution that is instant and life-changing and does not cost a lot of money at all.

Porcelain Veneers

The absolute perfect smiles you see on celebrities, most of them weren’t born that way. A skillful and accomplished cosmetic dentist utilizes porcelain veneers on the teeth with unrivaled artistry. Veneers will grow, shape, and align your smile so that it looks natural and beautiful. These wafer-thin sections of porcelain are also possible through a method known as lumineers. Whether you have a chipped, gapped, cracked, or stained teeth, veneers will change your smile in 2016 in as few as two office visits to Troy Family Dental. Just call 618-667-8020 right now to schedule a free consultation.

Mini Dental Implants

When you’re suffering from a tooth or teeth that are missing, your whole appearance is compromised. Often you can’t talk, eat what you want to eat, and you worry about it spreading to the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Additionally, over time, missing or decaying teeth can cause your face frame to shift, causing you to look much older than you actually are. Mini dental implants are a durable, permanent, no-slip option to dentures that resemble and function just like actual teeth, and much cheaper than most alternatives. Say yes to a confident and new you in 2016 with mini dental implants. Call 618-667-8020 right now to schedule a free consultation.