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Throbbing Tooth Pain? Call today, Get in Quick.

Are You Experiencing Throbbing Tooth Pain?

Assuredly, at some point when you have experienced a toothache or throbbing tooth pain, a friend or relative has recommended you put a bit of bourbon on a cotton ball and put it on the throbbing tooth to relieve the discomfort. Perhaps they instructed you to rub a bit of clove oil on the painful spot.

The truth is none of these home remedies are scientifically determined to ease your tooth pain for the long term. The sole way to treat throbbing tooth pain is to come and see your trusted family dentist, Troy FamilyDental, we can diagnose the issue and treat the problem. As a family dentist, we treat Edwardsville, IL; Collinsville, IL; Glen Carbon, IL; Alton and Godfrey. Our clients range from all over the St. Louis Metro East area.

Toothache Home Remedies, Do They Work?

Natural toothache treatments have been about since the original caveman experienced the first cavity. Why do these specific remedies persevere in these days of high-level modern medicine and great healthcare?

The three principal reasons:
  1. Fear of the dentist or fear of treatment. People get frightened that a toothache will involve painful or costly dental treatment. Rather than get their cavity filled, they would willingly put off a call to the dentist. Today Troy Family Dental in Troy, IL offers some of the most high-tech and modern technology in the St. Louis Metro East to help people with a fear of getting work done on their teeth. We have Waterlase technology that cleans teeth with a laser. No drills, no shots, pain-free. We also offer IV sedation dentistry and oral sedation dentistry if needed for those with a real fear of the dental work. With modern technology, we alleviate most fears of having dental work done. Call us today 618.667.8020!
  2. Faith in natural remedies. There are folks who believe heavily in homeopathic remedies. They would preferably get toothache relief without medications or medical intervention solely because they want to bypass any office visit no matter what the circumstance is.
  3. Shortage of time. In today’s active society, several people do not want to use the time to go to the dentist outside their normal couple cleanings per year. They think they can use a toothache home remedy to administer the pain until their following appointment when they will entirely address the problem with the dentist.

The quandary with each one of these ideas is that the longer you go without treatment, the more severe your toothache may become.

Toothache symptoms might be caused by:
  • Periodontitis
  • Sinus pressure
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Angina
  • Cavities
  • Inflammation of the pulp in your teeth
  • Tooth enamel erosion
  • Bruxism, or grinding of the one’s teeth
  • Heart attack

These troubles do not just vanish overnight. Does a toothache go away on its own? Ordinarily, no. That’s why the best toothache remedy is consulting with our dentist at Troy Family Dental. We service Scott Air Force Base; O’Fallon, IL; Belleville, IL; Fairview Heights, IL, and the entire St. Louis Metro East. An issue that might have been solved with a single filling a few months ago could morph into a complex infection that demands antibiotics or dental surgery.

You put off the necessary dental work that needs to be done, and in the long run, you can even cost yourself money. It’s a lot more costly to administer a dental problem with complications than one that’s candid with a precise course of treatment. Still, many people continue to try and treat themselves.

Most Famous Toothache Remedies

  1. Clove Oil
  2. Peppermint Tea Bags
  3. Salt Water Treatment
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse
  5. Bourbon-Soaked Cotton Ball
  6. Garlic
  7. Vanilla Extract

How Should I Handle My Toothache?

Home remedies are not usually effective in throbbing tooth pain treatment and they can even be dangerous. A few of these common remedies for toothaches may be helpful to numb pain momentarily before you can get an appointment with Dr. Boatman or Dr. Spencer, but none of them are long-term answers.

What can you do to manage your toothache?

Getting up and going to the dentist is the best solution for your throbbing tooth pain because you need to treat the toothache’s problem, not just the pain you are undergoing.

Toothache suggestions to help you throughout this painful period with your tooth:

  • When you call to schedule your appointment, ask our dentist or dental assistants if there is something that you can do to deal with the pain until you get in to see us.
  • Make an appointment as quickly as possible, even if that involves moving about your work schedule or dropping another event.
  • Apply ice to numb the pain. Although this produces no long-term relief, it is simplistic and requires no specific ingredients, plus it’s not hazardous to your oral health.
  • List everything you can regarding your pain: when it began, how common it is, where is the pain located in your mouth. This will help our dentist here at Troy Family Dental prepare your toothache therapy plan.
  • Review possible root problems of the toothache with our dentist. If the toothache has been created by angina, you should be receiving therapy for that as well.
  • Remember to exercise proper dental hygiene, as flossing and brushing daily, which will help to ward off additional toothaches.