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Teeth Whitening: Top New Years Resolutions

2017 Top Teeth Whitening New Years Resolutions That Help Whiten Teeth

Keep your New Year’s commitment and start improving yourself immediately. Make this 2017 New Year all about fun and looking ahead to new things to come. Start the New Year with KoR teeth whitening and Waterlase solutions that will lead to a new whiter smile!

New Year’s resolutions are all over social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat; anywhere you look resolutions are being made. If you are looking to improve the look of your teeth, KoR teeth whitening and Waterlase at Troy Family Dental in Troy, IL is a great place to start. Dr. Rich Boatman and Dr. Jordan Spencer can help you move into the new year with confidence and start leading a healthier life, so set up an appointment with Troy Family Dental today!

Some of this year’s resolutions:

Quit Smoking: As your St. Louis Metro East area dentist, smoking does nothing good for your smile. Smoking discolors the teeth and makes the breath stink. Quitting smoking also puts more cash in your pocket. You can smile about that!

Put Your Anxiety Behind You: If you’ve been holding off on dental care because you’re scared of the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry and it will change the way you think about the dentist. We pride ourselves on being a small-town dentist with big-city technology. Make 2017 the year you discover how a few modern techniques and sedation dentistry will get you the dental care you want. Our KoR Teeth Whitening System or Waterlase does not require shots, drills, or fear of the dentist. Say farewell to tooth pain and get a brilliant white smile!

Regular Dental Cleanings: If your smile is in great shape, seeing Troy Family Dental twice a year for a routine cleaning will keep your teeth bright white and healthy.

Has it been a while since your last cleaning? An extra cleaning appointment or two may need to be scheduled to get you on the right track. Make 2017 the year you decide to give your smile the attention it deserves and have at least two regular cleanings each year.

Get Educated About Tooth Whitening and Your Health: All of the special kinds of toothpaste and tooth whitening products accessible at the convenience store are OK to use, but are they helping your smile? If you are wanting a dazzling white smile, it’s about time to get serious regarding tooth whitening. Our local dentists that cover Madison County, IL; St. Clair County, IL; and all St. Louis areas use very effective tooth whitening solutions, such as KoR Tooth Whitening and Waterlase technology, that produce real satisfying outcomes. Learn what your options are and how good your smile can really look today!

Why Whiten My Teeth?

General items like wine, coffee, tobacco, your diet, nizagara pills, and even your genetic makeup can impact the color of your teeth. Many of them have components that can cause deep-seated stains. The enamel on your teeth normally begins to break down, exposing a layer of what is called dentin, the yellowish color. The enamel is translucent, indicating that just a tiny amount of damage can noticeably alter the tooth’s appearance. Teeth whitening is intended to eliminate stains and halt this process in order to repair your teeth back to their primary color.

KoR Teeth Whitening Works

Most people who see Dr. Boatman or Dr. Spencer want their teeth to be whiter. White teeth are one of the most powerful social attributes that people see when they first see you on social media or in public. People with healthy whiter teeth are often thought of as more good-looking, smart, or friendly. Your teeth will not simply look healthier but will look much better as well. A couple of visits is all our dentist at Troy Family Dental need to provide you with for a better-looking smile.

Do you want to go into the new year with confidence? One of the best means to do that is by recognizing you have a beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is a simple way you can totally revamp your smile and look your best in 2017.

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